iPad® Navigation

It’s quite seldom that someone has any experience in navigating though unknown waters. Especially in the area of Cape Coral with its sandbars and special areas it’s hard to orientate without any knowledge in reading nautical charts and keeping instruments in sight.

Our experience shows that even an extensive instruction within the context of a boat rental cannot facilitate this knowledge.

Therefore, Speed Dock searched for a solution that allows also inexperienced people to maneuver a boat safely through the waters.
Our iPad® Navigation is the solution. Thanks to the navigation software with its intuitive handling it’s just the challenge to track properly the planned route.

The iPad® Navigation shows all markers alongside the waterways that an adjustment between planned route and real environment is easily done at any time.

Via entering of search items like Marina, fuel station and restaurant or by directly tagging a certain destination on the touch screen routes can easily been created.

Since our iPad®s are online it’s possible to get real time weather data at any time or use other helpful features.

Here’s brief overview what’s provided by the iPad® Navigation

  • Easy orientation
  • Displays waterways and routes
  • Automated route planning
  • Itineraries History
  • Marinas, docks, gas stations, restaurants, bars, shops
  • Tides
  • Currents
  • Water depths
  • Real time weather and forecast


Of course, we do not leave you alone. During an appropriate familiarization tour, we’ll instruct you in the boat and make you familiar with the iPad® Navigation.
We’ll take as much time as you need till you feel safe.